Krapanj Rules

Krapanj is not just an Island, it is a village, and it has its own rules that have evolved over centuries.
The locals made this Island, the old houses are built from stone, that was collected from the surrounding islands.  The infrastructure “water electric etc.”  was paid for by the islanders – not the state. The porat and pathways were built and funded by the Krapanj families.
There was no rubbish collection, everyone had to take there own rubbish across on the ferry.

The influx of city people buying holiday homes on Krapanj, has created a divide, those who follow the local customs and those who try to imposed the state rules.

Krapanj now comes under the jurisdiction of Sibenik, this has created many legal abnormalities with regards to properties and boundaries – many houses that have been here for hundreds of years – do not exist in the state records, many more are still registered in the name of an ancestor.   Getting state permission to do anything to your property is still at best difficult, but more likely impossible.

I showed this picture to the Ministry of Culture Sibenik, they told me that it was an illegal structure on Krapanj.

I explained that it was provided and installed by the City of Sibenik, just a few months ago ? they said it is inappropriate for Krapanj and should be removed !