What Happened Today


Today as a result of the constant complaints by Mr and Mrs Frane  Boko, Sibenik sent the police and contractors to krapanj.com – unannounced – to remove things ?, they said it was only because of   “Frane and Zukera Boko” .


The production of written permission from the “Mayor of Krapanj”, and assurance that the “Mayor of Sibenik “ had confirmed that it should be honoured did not stop them.

The Sibenik City "Grad" representative, - ( Document from Mayor irrelevant)


Apparently they can remove whatever they want, and warned that complaining would result in further actions.





Now without any cover over the doorway,  water will pour down the steps into the property everytime it rains !





What are your experiences , do you find the bureaucratic system unworkable?



Identical one next door - also illegal but owned by a Croatian !!


It is bad enough when you are a target of anti-foreigner sentiment, but to have the state support it, well that is really bad.    – Lets hear your experiences – use the comments link below…