In the Pipeline

There are quite a lot of projects for Krapanj, here are some of them:

a) Sewage system: one of two solutions is being considered for Krapanj.
b) Recreation area: I understand that this project has been approved, and work should start in September.
c) Electricity: A plan is in place to bury the electicity cables, and to replace the street lights with something more ornamental ( old fashoned ).
d) The old water tank area: several ideas have been suggested, the area will probably be developed for retail / tourism or as a sponge process facility.
e) The old metal shop on the porat: This is to be removed and the stone building will be developed and used for: public restrooms, market stalls – tourist office.
f) The idea to provide berths with fresh water and eletricity for visiting boats is also being considered most of our ( summer ) residents would like to utilize the existing porat, but I think a better plan would be to use the area in front of the old water tank.
Update It seems that our president and the Sibenik Port Authority may already be planning to take control of the port, and evict all the residents boats.

g) Improved bathing/visitor facilities at the north end of the island, to exploit the shallow water – wind surfing – swimming etc.
h) Possibility of sponge farming on the north west corner of Krapanj.

Several improvements can all ready be seen on Krapanj, the island is been kept much cleaner, the beaches are greatly improved – we have seen more action this year than in the last 10.