Krapanj property enquiry

I wonder if any of the foreign residents there on Krapanj could
very kindly offer me some advice about house purchasing?

My wife and I have visited the island twice now, once a few years
ago and then again last summer. We like the atmosphere and feel of
Krapanj and have been thinking of possibly buying a small house or
flat there, both as an investment and a place to come for holidays.
We are now thinking of returning next summer to see if any suitable
properties are on the market. However, there’s one small but rather
sensitive issue we need to find out more about, which is why I am
writing this and hoping someone will be kind enough to respond.

Last August we got talking to a guy at one of the caf
ferry. He was Croatian but judging by his accent he might have
lived in Australia or New Zealand. Anyway, he seemed to know

Krapanj well. He said that there were several houses for sale on
the island but he also warned us to try and get information about
the neighbours if we were seriously thinking of buying a place.
Apparently almost everyone on the island is friendly and welcoming
but he said that, unfortunately, there were one or two who really
didn’t like foreigners and tried to make life as difficult as
possible for them. If you stayed away from them they were no real
problem but you wouldn’t want to be in the house next door.

Now, I don’t know if there’s any truth at all in this but, as you
can imagine, it’s something that would concern us. It’s also not
something that we could realistically find out much about in a
visit to Krapanj of just a couple of weeks. Could I therefore ask
any other foreigners who have bought property on the island what
their own experiences have been? Do you know of any genuine
examples of ant-foreigner sentiment on the island or was this guy
just exaggerating? (Hopefully so!) Is there any other advice you
might be able to offer? Indeed, do you know of any possible houses
for sale?

I’d appreciate it very much if you could drop me a line
at rbriley@hushmail.comAny feedback will of course
be kept strictly confidential and will, of course, be rewarded with
a grateful coffee – or something stronger – next summer.

Many thanks.
What do you think?

Richard and Betty Riley, Eastleigh, Hants.,UK.